Grundtvig sectoral program aims to improve the quality and European dimension of adult education in a broad sense, including formal, non formal and informal learning, including self-study.

·          Learning partnerships focus on themes of mutual interest to the participating organizations of the countries that make up the patnership

In this regard, our NGOs working with people with disabilities from three countries of the European Union  have formed a Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Partnership to develop the project 

 Employment Everyone's RIGHT

within the European Union program and to share experiences, knowledge and skills in the field.

The project provides 
our organizations the opportunity to share our experiences - good and bad- the knowledge, tools and services that have been developed to date to address the relatively high unem
ployment rate among people with disabilities.

The project addresses the question of how to overcome barriers and obstacles, both in society and within the person with disabilities, to improve opportunities for people with disabilities to access a job and be fully valued on an equal footing in the labor market for all the Member States of the European Union.


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